Motelling as a Career

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An Introduction to Purchasing or Leasing a Motel: Guidance for Prospective Moteliers

MANZ has published an introductory guide for prospective moteliers entitled An Introduction to Purchasing or Leasing a Motel: Guidance for Prospective Moteliers. This document provides useful, first-up advice, and is an essential part of anyone’s preparation before entering motelling as a career.

What is this publication about?

The purchase or construction of a motel freehold or the signing of a lease is perhaps the biggest single commitment that many people will make in their lives. It usually involves a substantial proportion of their savings capital and leads to a substantial, long-term commitment. For that reason, the best advice you can ever get or want should be from an appropriately experienced professional. Many people make the mistake of using the family lawyer, accountant, etc. Unless these people have an extensive background in the motel industry then they are not appropriately qualified to give you the advice that is required.

The motel industry can be very lucrative and rewarding. It can also lead to ruin for those that enter the industry without understanding the commitment that motel ownership will demand of them. Every motelier should have an in-depth understanding of their individual business break-even point and the effect additional overheads may cause. They should also plan towards exiting the industry and ensure that such exit (when it eventuates) will be profitable, smooth and as functional as possible.

This document is designed to give you an introduction into what is required as you investigate your wish to sell, purchase or lease. Most of the points that apply to a person purchasing must also be considered when selling. They are not secrets but can sometimes be very involved and complicated transactions in contract law. This document does not stand alone, and is simply a first step in what is an involved process for the purchase or sale of a motel or motel lease.

The document contains contributions from a range of professionals who are all engaged in the industry, as well as an experienced motelier. It also contains a short list of appropriately qualified professional lawyers, accountants, valuers, and MANZ-accredited and motel brokers throughout New Zealand. It’s contents are:

  • Introduction
  • An Introduction to Motelling
  • The Motel Lease and the Law
  • The Accounts and Financial Planning
  • Valuations
  • Financing and Due Diligence
  • The Motel Operator: A Motelier’s Perspective
  • About the Motel Association of New Zealand (MANZ)
  • List of Professional Advisors able to assist in motel evaluations and transactions

It also contains information on the Motel Association of New Zealand (MANZ), the benefits and services it provides to its members, and how you can join MANZ before or after the purchase of a motel.

How to Obtain a Copy

Copies of this informative publication are available from MANZ National Service Centre (see contact details below), at a cost of $25.00 (GST, post and packaging within NZ inclusive).

Motel Operator’s Handbook 2000: A Guide to the Successful Operation of Motel Businesses

If and when you finally decide that motelling is for you, there are other sources of information that you will find extremely helpful. The Motel Operator’s Handbook, published by MANZ, and otherwise known as the “motelier’s bible” is an important aid in helping you with your business. The third edition (November 2000) contains updated sections on legislation, insurance, accounting requirements, office procedures, computers, marketing and sales, telecommunications advances, the Internet as a marketing and promotional tool, guest services, pricing and tariff structuring, cost control, cleaning and servicing, fire safety and security, and many other areas of importance to the motel operator. The Handbook is essential reading for all moteliers, whether recent entrants or experienced operators.

It is available at a cost of $35.00 (GST, post and packaging within NZ inclusive) from:

Motel Association of New Zealand

Level 5, Tourism & Travel House
73-89 Boulcott Street

PO Box 27-245

Ph: 04 499 6415
Fax: 04 499 6416