Foodservice Trends – a Hospitality Industry Snapshot

(Sept 2008)

We have just released our latest foodservice industry statistics—the 2008 Foodservice Facts—which offers a fascinating insight into the industry and statistical trends. Every year we commission Statistics New Zealand to provide us with data that they collect via a number of surveys of businesses to provide a snapshot of our industry as it is now.

By using the same data sets each year we can plot the progress, or otherwise, of our vibrant and (seemingly) ever-growing industry. This is an industry which has hit over $5billion in annual sales and which has almost 12,000 locations and over 80,000 employees.

Here is an over view of some of the findings from this years Foodservice Facts:

A Cornerstone of The Nation’s Economy

• In five years annual restaurant industry sales have shown a growth of 46%.

• The restaurant industry employs 83,971 people (projected 2008 figure) – an increase since 2004 of 15%.

• By current trends, the industry can expect to add 27,000 jobs over the next decade for a total of 110,971 people – this possibly falls short of our industry’s labour requirements.

For Noting…

• An emerging trend overseas is a focus on health – particularly allergies.

• Industry sales in the Canterbury region continued to see steady growth from 2007 – 2008, at 16%. The Rest of the South Island has seen growth stumble however, after an outstanding increase 2006 – 2007 of 16%, growth for 2007 – 2008 was just 3%.

• Pizza Takeaway sales have been the consistent star performer over the past few years, jumping from $73 million sales in 2002 to $181 million six years later in 2008. However their phenomenal growth over recent years slowed to just 3% from 2007 – 2008.

• The industry generates $14 mil. sales on a typical day.

• The CPI indicates that restaurant meals & take out food prices are up 4.3% for the year ending March 08.


• The Wellington region continues to lead the country in productivity per foodservice outlet in projected figures for 2008. Sales revenue among its 1391 locations is $549,000 per outlet. This is far higher than its closest rival, the Rest of the South Island, with $502,000 per outlet by comparison.

• The Auckland region has around 37% of the industry’s market share & employs 33% of the country’s workforce. Wellington comes in second with less than half of Auckland’s stake – 15% of the market share.

Click here for the 2008 Foodservice Facts

Provided by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand